David Hedden

David Hedden is an intentional designer, artist, and urban farmer with a focus on projects that provoke holistic and creative thinking. Creator of makerspaces, innovation spaces, and an educator of industrial design at CSULB. His art practice evolved most from working with the LBPL Studio, Squeeze Art Collective, Arts Council of LB, and SpaceTime Collaborative. He uses collective action and collaboration as a process and advocates for the appreciation and respect for nature and the environment.


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David Hedden

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Artist Work

Bird UP! Gallery Art Show at CACtTUS Gallery (2017)
Working with dozens of local artists creating art on birdhouses to raise awareness of the Western Bluebird and how to provide habitat that helps the local populations.

The Box of Boom (2017)
The Box of Boom is an interactive computer controlled machine that plays the drums. Digital inputs + analog outputs = Sequenced Beats. Built upon open-source code and collaboration!

Life After Deck (2015)
Life After Deck is a project using broken skateboards and upcycling them into art and objects. This piece was created after the holes were cut out to make handmade rings.