Dave Williams (MBT, NotQuiteFree, Rhythm Agents and Los Agitadores Del Alma)

I am a Jazz Musician and a POC. My aim is to establish our art in this city, and highlight other artists of our Genre. We want to play for this whole city.


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Dave Williams

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MBT--Gooberry (Live at Harvelle's)
A typical live performance by MBT

MajicBulletTheory - Gooberry 2014-07-21 Harvelle's, Long Beach (wide)

The MajicBulletTheory performedon Monday, July 21, 2014,at Harvelle's in Long BeachDave Williams - trumpetJoshua Harris - saxGabriel "Slam" Noble - vibesPatr...

MajicBulletTheory--The New Sincerity
our 3rd Studio Album

The New Sincerity, by MajicBulletTheory

The New Sincerity by MajicBulletTheory, released 20 September 2017 1. Forgotten Man (Intro) 2. Gordian Knot Rocker 3. Honey4ThaFlyPeople 4. Fat Bird 5. Dapper Black Gentleman 6. Big Spider 7. King Park 8. SOUL O and Jarvis Vs The Human Breakbeat 9. Ranura De Julio 10. Sounds Like Slam 11.

NotQuiteFree--Liquid Cypher
NotQuiteFree is our improvised conduction ensemble

Liquid Cypher, by NotQuiteFree

Liquid Cypher by NotQuiteFree, released 31 August 2014 1. Metronome 2. Flying Hammers 3. Birds, Cutz and Bells 4. Blues 4 The Moon 5. In Tongues 6. Phaze Flip 7. Gigantor 8. Sepulcher 9. Fiend Dance 10. Spacely Sprocketz 11. Hood Tumbleweedz 12. Black Vaquero 13. Highlife Waltz 14.