Dave R Clark

My work often acts as a receptacle for other people’s associations and thoughts. I am more curious in hearing what people feel my art means or represents than stating what it means to me. This conversation that happens with the viewer and my work is a primary interest of mine.

The process of making my work is intuitive and playful. Color, shapes, the application of various materials such as dyes, plaster, metal, wood, acrylics, and wire are the tools I use to create an object that may come with associations differing from person to person. These materials are chosen for how they can be manipulated in some way or because they function by complimenting or contrasting with other materials and forms. The forms are sometimes suggestive of functional objects, memories, or what some people might see in their dreams.

My early design inspiration came from the patterns and complexities in electrical substations and common shapes, materials, and patterns found in everyday objects. Today my inspiration comes from lying awake at night and not being able to sleep… and then thinking; Oh, yeah, that would be cool to try. Repetition and order, as well as the materials, textures, and unpredictability are the things that drive my work. To counter-balance the potential of sterility and sameness, one can find a sense of humor and playfulness in various pieces. I want my pieces to age, as people do, left raw and unsealed.

As someone once said… “Dave’s unique creations, both in 2D and 3D, evoke narratives, contemplation, and pure joy. Rather than dictating a single meaning, Dave delights in the diverse interpretations viewers find. The 2D artworks merge colors, shapes, and symbols in a dance of spontaneity, while the 3D pieces seamlessly blend functionality and sculpture. Join us to explore Dave’s world of artistic experimentation and creation, where imagination knows no bounds.”


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Dave R Clark
(562) 230-4178

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Artist Work

Growth within the pile. You go now! (2022)
Sticks, wire, and paints.

Mechanical Construction 168 (2024)
Metal, wood

Mechanical Construction 317 (2024)
metal, concrete, misc