Dave Conrey

I am a mixed media artist and designer based in Long Beach, CA. I am also also a podcaster and video content creator, with every aspect of my work influencing every other aspect of what I create—all things in a constant state of flux depending on the influences I take in from all other parts of my creative nature.

My art process is also always changing. The work in the studio is fast-paced and frenetic, moving from acrylics to aerosol, collage to lettering, assuring the flow of inspiration doesn’t dissipate. The point of view of the work displayed combines social commentary, bold inspiration, and a liberal dose of satire. Sometimes the message is whisper in your subconscious, and other times a hammer to your cerebral cortex.


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Contact Information

Dave Conrey
(949) 939-9427

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Artist Work

Explosions on Flat Land #6 (2019)
A process experiments—Abstract mixed media on paper

Embrace the Glitch (2019)
Abstract digital collage, created entirely in an iPhone.

The only way out is through (2019)
A minimalist, digital abstract made entirely on iPhone.