Darian Hamilton

Radical Dreamers

Mission Statment – We are a group of dreamers saving the past, present and future through musical art and visual performance.

Bio- A four-piece from Long Beach, California with driving Indie-Pop songs that overflow with philosophic playfulness against down to earth punk beats and psychedelic over-tones. Musically Spontaneous and visually outrageous Indie-Rock revivalists led by the charismatic Darian H. An indie-band in the big city. Long Beach’s Indie-Art-Rock 4-piece “Radical Dreamer” is comprised of Singer/Guitarist Darian H, Guitarist – Alec Mayne, Bassist – Trevor Schiff and Drummer – Ryan Sutera.
If you are a fan of David Bowie then consider us “Indie Step-Child” or enjoy the White Album era of the Beatles then you are in for a treat.

Press Excerpt – Review – https://www.divideandconquermusic.com

“Well helloooooo Radical Dreamer. Am I shocked that this four-piece indie/acid rock with triptastic surf vibes hails from Long Beach, CA? Not in the least, BUT these guys are anything but predictable. With just four tracks on their Radical Dreamers EP, they convey a full bodied array of emotion and even work from several planes of existence. They are bursting with so many cool and original ideas.” – (By Rebecca Rothschild )


Press Excerpt – Interview – http://voyagela.com

(Interview Question)
Voyage LA Staff – Darian, Alec, and Trevor let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far!

Darian H. – “Radical Dreamer” is a more than just a band, Its name means Advocate Dreamer and comes from a sequel to an old Nintendo RPG “Chrono Trigger,” A story where a group of Hero’s save time. This is how I see our band, as a group of dreamers saving the past, present, and future through music. I’m proud to share this vision with my band members and how hard they worked on our first self-titled EP. I feel the passion that we create in live-performance and recordings sets us apart.” -Interview by VoyagerLA Staff




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Darian Hamilton
(562) 337-7441

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Radical Dreamer Live at Zero Period Indie Music & Visuals Night (2019)
Radical Dreamer-Band at Zero Period in LBC. Singer/Guitarist Darian H. made all Projection Visuals for the band.

Radical Dreamer-Band at Zero Period in LBC | Radical Dreamer-Band at Zero Period Opening NIght! | By Zero PeriodFacebook

Radical Dreamer-Band at Zero Period Opening NIght!

Radical Dreamer EP Review by (https://www.divideandconquermusic.com) (2019)
Radical Dreamer Review of our most recent EP by https://www.divideandconquermusic.com. They include a video and audio link as well.

Link to Radical Dreamer EP Review by (https://www.divideandconquermusic.com)

Radical Dreamer Interview with (http://voyagela.com) (2019)
Meet Darian Hamilton, Alec Mayne, and Trevor Schiff of Radical Dreamer. Interview conducted by the VoyageLA staff and released April, 2019

Link to Radical Dreamer Interview with (http://voyagela.com)

Radical Dreamer at Zero Period (2019)
Radical Dreamer playing Zero Period Indie Musci & Visual Art opening night

Lips Like Broken Chains...., by Radical Dreamer

Lips Like Broken Chains.... by Radical Dreamer, released 27 March 2019