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“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

As a visual artist I think and create in the abstract, my work conceptual and surreal. I create by following the direction of shape, color, line, and texture towards the essence of the piece. I speak the language of image and symbol, interpreting visually from an inner space, and it is not necessarily connected to any literal influences or external expectations. For me it is about listening to the image, the visual language becoming self-referential, but not excluding truth. I am inspired by many styles and ideas, but always my eye is on what is necessary to give the image its voice. So each piece becomes its own isolated world; each piece independent of what I have done before and the current design trends. By approaching my art this way, it becomes solely about the image itself in order that it may speak clearly and succinctly to its purposes, ideas, and feelings. As I believe art and visual storytelling are about the essence of things, the inward significance.


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ELIJAH: A Graphic Novel (2015)
This is a visual adaptation of the story of Elijah the prophet from 1 Kings 18 which centers on a battle for the hearts of a kingdom and culminates with the confrontation with the Divine.

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The Chinese ideogram of the Japanese word for "beauty" is composed of two ideograms, 羊 "sheep" (top) and 大 "great" (bottom), it is a beauty that's connected with the idea of sacrifice/death, as sheep are considered the lowest of animals used as sacrifice.