Dan Nguyen

Dan Nguyen is a multi-disciplinary creative, exploring the relationship between inner harmony and contemporary reality, through an urban / ethnic lens. Drawing and painting since an early age, Dan continues to create work in various industries, in the commercial and personal realms.

As a Vietnamese American artist, Dan Nguyen extracts influences that emerge from the struggles and victories of existing within dual cultures. After living and working in VN for eight years, Dan has returned to California, continually trying to merge East and West sensibilities, and bring more understanding to the diaspora and the motherland.

Dan’s work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and public installations all over the world, in cultural epicenters such as Costa Rica, Beijing, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Mexico and more.

Dan is also a composer, music producer and DJ, and has performed at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, Sonar Festival in Hong Kong, and other global concerts / radio stations.

Artist Work

Infinite Knowledge (2017)
This is part of a triptych mural I painted in Vietnam. The work promotes unification of the Vietnamese people; the indigenous tribes, the minority, and the current natives.

Demonslayer - Nat Het Roi by YETI OUT

DOWNLOAD: silkroadsounds.bandcamp.com/album/silk-roads-vol-1 Yeti Out kicks off 2018 with the launch of its compilation series-cum-record label; Silk Road Sounds. As creative tribes from the East and West continue to intertwine both online and offline, Vol.1 explores the meaning of 'journey' through a spectrum of music.

Self Awareness (2018)
This is a hand drawn, then silk screened, tour concert poster for U.K. record label Techtonic. The poster was installed all over the streets of London, Shanghai and Beijing. Limited edition silk screen prints were printed as art pieces.


DIRECT DOWNLOAD --> https://goo.gl/koLQsI DOWNLOAD STYLSS LOVES YOU - VOLUME 3: https://stylss.bandcamp.com/album/stylss-loves-you-volume-3-collab-edition DEMONSLAYER * Saigon, Vietnam soundcloud.com/demon-slayer EASTGHOST * Portland, OR soundcloud.com/eastghost

Growth (2018)
This is a mural in Los Angeles, a dedication to self awareness, and the changes we go through as we become more and more aware of who we are, and what we aren't.

Solace (2015)
A mural painted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Site specific work installed on an old CIA / South Vietnam Army compound. Paying tribute to those affected by the war.

NTS Radio (2018)
This is a video collage I created for NTS Radio London. The clip uses mostly my own footage, with about 2% found archival footage. The music is also my song "Blanka's Quest".