Cynthia Nava Art

My goal is always to evoke happiness to those who come across my work. I like to express my love for bright colors and cute things through my pieces. I’m inspired by everyday things and my surroundings because we all have a different perspective and I like to share mine.



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Cynthia Nava
(323) 479-6855

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Artist Work

Children's Book Spread (2019)
This is a spread of a children's book I created during my senior year projects at CSULB. A curious Giraffe named Roy found a map and decided to travel the world.

Luau (2018)
A project in which I had to illustrate calming locations where people can meditate. This artwork is part of a 3 piece series.

Tin Bin Concept Art (2019)
An interior view of a restaurant I designed in my Visual Development project. A Raccoon named Chef Basu opened up a humble restaurant called the Tin Bin.