Cris Law

Cris Law, male alto, possesses one of the rarest voices on the planet. Cris is a classical singer with a contemporary vision: to utilize his ethereal, unusual yet versatile voice to create a crossover musical experience. Combining Pop with Early Music such as Chants & Baroque Arias, look out for more of Cris Law’s upcoming musical projects and adventures at !


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Cris Law
(714) 309-9644

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Artist Work

Avant-garde Vocal Performance (2017)
Cris Law takes in the art work and expresses how he feels by improvising powerful and ethereal chants with an electric drone.

Link to Avant-garde Vocal Performance

Feel! (2019)
Inspired by the rise of the Asian-American presence in the media that stemmed from the release of CrazyRichAsians, Cris felt that it was finally time to bring his love of pop to the world with his creativity and share his head-bobbing melodies, honest lyrics with a touch of synth-pop swagger.

O Quam Tristis (2018)
A music video of me reinterpreting Baroque arias with modern Californian aesthetic of nature and art.