Courtney Grace

I am a self-taught visual artist, I create with the aim to portray a vision of reality deeply ingrained in yogic philosophy, with each of my pieces possessing elements of fantasy and realism. My mission is to encourage people to let go of the preconceived notions that restrict their true selves, freeing them to simply be.


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Courtney Walker
(949) 874-0968

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Artist Work

Ananda Kanda
Ananda Kanda means the root of bliss. A well within each of us that can always be accessed if we only allow it to be so. 48"x36"- oil and acrylic on canvas

What Will We Become? (2020)
Change stands before us; she asks us what will it be? Separation? Submersion? Perhaps a step towards equality.48"x60"- oil and acrylic on canvas

Susan (2020)
May even a rainbow be free to wear what ever it please.36"x24" - oil and acrylic on canvas