Cory Bilicko

Whether it’s intentional or not, my artwork always examines the relationship between the past and the present. Even subject matter that’s rooted in modern-day issues is informed by a robust sense of nostalgia, and, although I’m not a photographer, old photos are my primary sources of inspiration. They become reinvented as oil, acrylic or watercolor paintings, or they get directly placed into collages or mixed-media pieces. Hence, my artwork captures ghosts: the phantoms– both literal or figurative– that occupy our present and the remnants and reminders of the past that still linger as fear, guilt, regret, loss, disconnection. However, despite the presence of these negative feelings, my work always seeks to find the beauty within the darkness, the life after death.


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Cory Bilicko
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Artist Work

"Lamentation/Putrefaction/Fructification" (2021)
This piece is about the magnificent life that can grow after (and as a result of) death. Created in mid 2021, an interesting turning point, as people were becoming vaccinated and still coping with tremendous loss during the pandemic, it shows my excitement for new art that would soon emerge.

"History, Herstory" (2019)
For this piece, I used people from different old photographs, including four from my own family: me, my cousin and my grandparents. It was part of a series I created for a solo exhibit that showed folks (in both physical and spiritual forms) occupying spaces at my favorite California sites.

"The Faces are Familiar" (2018)
Some faces are engrained in our memory, whereas others become blurs. Using my friend's ancestral family photo as a starting point, I explored the idea of the unreliable memory and how our remembrances change as we grow older.