Corie Mattie

Corie uses her personal experiences to relate to her audience as she finds ways to communicate through wordplay and imagery. She is bold, blunt and somehow subtle in her way of saying what she has to say. Though you may not have heard her, she is still trying to speak to you. Will you listen?


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Corie Mattie
(609) 923-0974

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Artist Work

Cancel plans. Not humanity. (2020)
Touches on the age of quarantine and how to stay connected and safe.

LA Hope Dealer (2020)
LA Hope Dealer is becoming a movement - a movement that stands for a creative community and a symbol of hope with any obstacle one faces.

Link to LA Hope Dealer

After the plague, came the renaissance (2020)
History repeats itself. After the black plague, artistic expression came to forefront during the renaissance. After this pandemic, art should be appreciated and valued more.