Connie DK Lane

I began my interest in sculpture when I was an undergraduate major in ceramics at California State University, Long Beach. Later, I pursued my Master of Fine Arts from the same institution focused on exploring sculptures with different materials. Not only making isolated objects, I have been expanding my artistic practice toward truly immersive environments.

Born of my emigration from Hong Kong, and evolved from my contemplations on belonging, memory, and being, my work is about the past and personal history, and how they relate to the present. By combining aspects of lived experience and creative imagination, my art beckons viewers to meditate on their own complexities.


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Connie DK Lane
(562) 438-6019

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Artist Work

Jammed (2017)
Stuffed pillows into a wooden vertical structure placed on top of another layered bamboo structure incorporated with photographic images. An exploration of confinement living in a tight space.

Vertex (2017)
This installation is an exploration of the spatial landscape in Hong Kong—a vibrant metropolitan city overwhelming with skyscrapers and congested living quarters.

Scaffolding (2018)
Through the aspect of architecture and narrative, I seek to explore the notion of confinement, simultaneously to question individual physical surroundings, and to raise social awareness about space and home.