Colin Sherman

I discovered a love for photography whilst living in Sydney Australia. I am a very impulsive photographer – meaning, I shoot scenes or objects which have a profound impact on me at the time. I love dramatic sunrises and sunsets and capturing the beauty that only nature can create. Water has a certain allure for me, the way the light catches the uneven surfaces creating different hues of blues and greens.


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Colin Sherman
(323) 830-0283

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Stormy Sunrise (2019)
I awoke to find this ominous black and grey cloud formation with yellowish sunlight creeping in from where the sea met the sky

Fresh Snow Fall on the San Bernardino Range (2018)
The picture taken with a 600mm lense - mountain seems to float in the air

Storm rolling in (2018)
This was shot on an island off Fiji - a massive storm was closing in. We raced it to the mainland