Cody Lusby

Lives and works in Long Beach, California

Cody is a painter focused on contemporary realism.  His work is divided into different series.  Each theme has multiple paintings focused on modern and present concepts.  Though the bodies of work vary with ideas, the main focus is to evolve painting forward.  To create this progression he has three consisting elements running through his paintings.  Time represented by segmentation, motion expressed by the blurring of the painted subject matter and place solidified by a photo collaged background.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest (B: 1978, Portland, OR.), Cody was raised in the Southern California. He attended Orange County High School of the Arts. In 1996, on a scholarship he won through the “Festival of the Arts”, he attended Laguna College of Art and Design.  After college Cody worked a variety of art related jobs picking up skills and techniques that are vital to the quality and professionalism that define him as an artist.

In 2009 Cody landed his first solo show, “Mustachio rides again” with the gallery called Art from the Hive in Santa Ana, California. In that show he displayed how he metamorphosed from his classically trained roots into a contemporary realist. Since that first solo show Cody has developed his artwork into a full time career.


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Cody Lusby

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Roses for Rose Park (2019)
"Roses for Rose Park" is a large scale community mural of an ensemble of multi-colored roses (meant to represent the area's diversity) in the alley adjacent to 2925 E. 6th street, located in Historic Rose Park between Orizaba street and Temple street. Painted in a contemporary stencil format in dialogue with the street art movement, the project's goal is to reinforce community identity and beautify the neighborhood.

Link to Roses for Rose Park

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Inflatable LB Icons (2020)
Located in the pool area at the Courtyard by Marriott in Downtown Long Beach. 500 East First Street, Long Beach, CA 90802 The 242 square foot mural depicts icons of Long Beach as pool inflatables

Link to Inflatable LB Icons

Arid West (2019)
Arid West takes a surrealistic approach on the importance of water and how here in Los Angeles, water conservation is a way of life.

Link to Arid West

Playful Transportation (2019)
I was commissioned by the Metro to create this artwork for More People Than You Know a portrait of transit patrons created by local artists. Metro Art has a digital art series, and the inaugural exhibition is now on view at all of the Blue(A) Line stations. 

Link to Playful Transportation

Water Wars (2018)
I created this series is to open up a discussion about water, our most precious commodity. My approach to this concept is from the frivolous side. Play gets ingrained in us early and is an essential part of our development. Those experiences with water made me who I am. By hitting on the trifle I hope to catch people off guard and provoke a dialogue with the viewer of what is at stake. Time is represented by the segmentation, motion is expressed by the blurring of the painted subject matter and the place solidified by the photo collaged background.

Link to Water Wars

Time Paradox (2015)
This series of paintings called “Time Paradox” is about how time seems to move faster as we age. Even though perception of time fluctuates throughout our lives this concept seems to be a constant. To illustrate this thought I have painted 10 people to represent 10 different decades of life. In the beginning the figure moves rapidly while the background stays static and in the end the figure is static while the background moves rapidly. The collage images behind the figures have been divided into 12 segments to embody time.

Link to Time Paradox