Claire Killick

My intention with my art is to make people uncomfortable. In each image, I bring up themes including fear, defiance, and tragedy. These themes are a reaction to mental illness and abuse. With my art, I seek to bring these topics to light in a way that challenges the viewer to think about something they might not want to think about, and to strike a unique emotion in the viewer. The purpose of this is not for “shock value”, but to take away the taboo surrounding the subjects of mental illness and abuse. I believe the more people can talk about their negative experiences and struggles, the more they can start to heal from them.


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Claire Killick

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Artist Work

Kali (2017)
Kali is a linocut print (ink on paper) which is hand-colored with watercolor paint.

Guilt (2018)
Guilt is an acrylic painting on canvas.

Clown (2018)
Clown is a mixed-media sculpture.