cindy m

cindita uses assemblage to explore her thoughts and to process difficult, often deeply repressed emotions about the ever-changing world. Using found objects, magazine clippings, and textiles, she combines seemingly unrelated pieces to make something strange and new, yet familiar. Her distinctive style emanates her inner struggles with the complexities of the human condition and her expressions are brought to life with contrasting, harmonious colors, bold compositions, and intuitive inclinations.

cindita began collaging as a means of coping with community violence to envision new possibilities beyond violence, trauma, and capitalist consumption. cindita pays homage to the younger self and asks the viewer, to explore, to dream, to be. The collage process is a cultural strategy we depend on to adapt to the inevitable changes of the sociopolitical landscape within and beyond the U.S context.

Artist Work

cindita's tiendita fall 2021 collection (2021)
fall 2021 collection inspired by my mami and my eagerness to grow up and do grocery shopping

meant to be shared (2021)
this piece emerged after a guided meditation of a future I dream of, the now: through resistance and care, a better world is possible and it’s meant to be shared

psycho therapy (2021)
depicting the way and power of psychotherapy in healing trauma

if not us, then who (2021)
reference to toni morrison's god help the child