Christina Margaret Cervantes

Hi, I’m Christina Cervantes, and among other things I’m an emerging artist.

I tend to experiment in groups or “series,” with materials and subjects that currently ignite my passion or imagination. Every once in a while I make something I like. I always learn something. But being honest to my emotions and impulses is probably the most important thing to me when I’m creating–beauty being optional.

Being self-“taught” probably helps me stay true to my impulses, and often gives my creations a primitive appearance. “Experimental” is more accurate, as I haven’t gone to any great lengths to teach myself about art techniques. I currently tend to create using found objects and materials (for example watercolors or oil paints that have been given to me, or items that I’ve collected over the years), or objects I can most easily acquire. Art is therapeutic to me, and when I want to create I want to do it immediately!



Contact Information

Christina Cervantes
(310) 940-3136

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Artist Work

I Will Build Myself Again (2019)
A mixed media expression of the emotional impulses behind my self-reinvention after being laid off.

Spring Tag (2017)
This is one of four in a travel series. I completed 16 digital doodles in one sitting on an airplane, and each set of 4 I limited myself to the same four colors. I then combined the doodles in the Instagram Layout app for a cool graffiti effect.

Fantasy Flowers (2015)
Original watercolor of flowers in a vase.