I am an artist from Long Beach, California. My mother had given me a foundation in drawing and painting, as she was proficient in both. My work is concentrated on illustration and storytelling, with nods to science fiction, horror, comic style, nature, and the paranormal. I work predominantly in pen and ink, love to explore mural making, and practice sculpture with clay and ceramic. I like to juxtapose humor with horror, as well as incorporate science fiction, dark humor, noir, and the bizarre in my illustration practices. I think it is important never to lose the child like imagination as an adult, and to hone in on it when it comes to approaching life and it’s turbulence, sweet moments, and mundane facets.

I am here to give a point of view that is light but also doesn’t stray away from being noir within its aesthetic. I believe there is beauty and humor in even the darkest of places, and like to think that the use of art and unearth things that cannot be said with words. I enjoy exploring hybrid forms with things that are unexpectedly linked. My sole focus of work at the moment is illustration because of the power of storytelling and relatable components it has.  I am looking to start making murals, including assisting in mural making to further explore and project my perceptions of living in Long Beach, California and being a woman in the world.



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Contact Information

Christina Covarrubia
(562) 285-2395

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Artist Work

Exploding Skull (2020)
An Anatomical Study of an exploding skull model. Approx 10"x13"

Squid, Inc. (2019)
Ink on Illustration board. A concept for the competitive nature of ink companies.

Pollination of the Sand People (2019)
Ink on Illustration Board. A concept for a fictional story about the fall of humankind to the corporate world.

StarFingers (2019)
Ceramic. A radioactive starfish hybridized with human hand anatomy.

Fan Art: Baby Yoda (2020)
Digital, Just some fan art, I am not affiliated with Star Wars!

Apocalypse Crab (2019)
Ceramic, A comment on the apocalypse and the growth of animals and taking on unconventional methods for shelter.


Instagram: @redcaveart A constellation of starfish doing what they do best.