Miguel Angel Mejía (Sinaloa, México. September 15, 1984) is a Mexican artist currently residing in Southern California. He earned his bachelor’s in science degree in Multimedia Production from Universidad La Salle in Mexico and his MFA in photography from Brooks Institute. Mejía works primarily in the medium of photography and interactive installations. His current work addresses Mexican and American contemporary issues, and Mexican identity with a hint of satire and humor within his artistic productions. Mejía’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in México and the U.S.



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Miguel Angel Mejia
(951) 355-5743

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Artist Work

Hijos de La Chingada (2013)
Hijos de la Chingada is an installation with scattered portraits of Mexicans on the floor. It allows the viewer to step on the faces of the people, simulating how the Mexican government, drug cartels, and foreign powers have been doing it.

Untitled, part of the series "TDAH - Caos Estructurado" (2021)
After years of being an analog photographer, I have ruined many films by simple mistakes that my ADHD brain causes. But I have learned that if a photo gets destroy by mistake, just destroy it more. Allowing chaos to create an image where there was none.

Nos cargo La Chingada (2014)
Money + Drugs = Bloodshed. This double-sided piece of a man hanging from a noose soaked in money, drugs, and my own blood shows the cruelty of how people are being eradicated in Mexico.