Che Zifandel

To be my true self, celebrate music and creativity and hopefully inspire others to do the same.



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Che Zifandel
(310) 876-2914

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I Wanna Feel You (2015)
Original song written, produced, and performed by me. Singer/songwriter style

i wanna feel you by Che Zifandel

Another track from the "stripped and a little off" album: no set tempo, no software, some improvisation, etc.

Album review (2013)
Review of an album put out by a band I was in called Rush the Throne. I was lead singer and wrote all the songs.

Link to Album review

Life Will Never Be the Same (2014)
Song I wrote, composed, and performed. It is indie and is about relating to the struggles of others and learning from your own.

Life Will Never Be The Same by Che Zifandel

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Cherry Clouds (2019)
Digital piece inspired by lyrics from the song ‘Strawberry Letter 23.”