Chanmealea Huy

Design and Illustration Artist with an integral tool of digital marketing skills tucked under her utility belt. As a Pre-Production Animation graduate with a Marketing minor from CSULB, she strategically solves problems in a forward-thinking, quality-driven and creative way. As a caricature artist, she has become a strong visual problem solver that specializes in character design and compositional skills – all in under 10 minutes!

Passion for creative expression fills her fueltank, which is she why has a fair knowledge of many disciplines within art, on canvas to the digital screen:

Acrylic, Oil, Gouache, Watercolor Paint, Charcoal Reduction Drawing, Leather Paint on Textiles, Ink, Digital Painting, Graphic Animation, Fashion Design and Patterning, Experimental Fashion

On a canvas to the digital monitor to the world of business, art can be expressed through the form of marketing as well! An important aspect she brings to the table is upholding a strong and consistent brand identity and standards. She wants to leverage and expand her experience in utilizing her skills:

Social Media Marketing, Copy writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Illustration, Typography, Social Media Content

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Chanmealea Huy
(562) 879-1636

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Artist Work

Caricatures (2020)
As a caricature artist, I multitask to use traditional quick draw techniques to design the face while compositing the drawing, as I engage with the guests. At birthday parties, soccer games and company meetings, I help create special memories for my community.

Illustrator and Painter
I use my background in character design, pre-production and the style of pop surrealism to illustrate the states of tension of humanity through my original characters.

Link to Illustrator and Painter

Michael and Mia Saves Meanville (2021)
I tell my stories with sequential imagery using the medium of childrens' book illustrations. This book allowed the CSULB PRSSA team to place first at the 2021 PRSSA Bateman Case Study Competition.

Link to Michael and Mia Saves Meanville