Cat Ferraz

cat . ferraz / kat fúróz/ n. 1 girl. 2 born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 3 Parsons School of Design graduate with a BFA(major : illustration). 4 has shown paintings in New York, Austin and Los Angeles / with murals in five countries. 5 will continue to pursue experimentations of contrast relationships within extremes and subtleties of colour, shape, line, mediums, abstraction, realism, and thinking. 6 hopes to increase the size of her eyes by observing.


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cat ferraz
(917) 628-4644

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Artist Work

Portrait of Leonard Knight (2017)
Created with a donated crate of spray paint and a couple of leftover quarts of house paint in memory of Artist Leonard Knight(1931-2014) about a half mile from his Salvation Mountain. Slab City, CA March 2017 [photo by Nick Rother / @nickrother on instagram]

Shade Colors Mural at Tagua Lodge (2017)
Painted in trade for room. Paint provided by Tagua Lodge.Manglaralto, Ecuador April 2017.

Link to Shade Colors Mural at Tagua Lodge

Vamos Perú Bar/Restaurant Front Mural (2018)
Painted in trade for room and board in anticipation of Peru's participation in The World Cup. Supplies provided by establishment.Ilo, Perú March 2018.