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Carolyn McDonald is a multifaceted writer and filmmaker, who produced and directed the short film “P.N.O.K.”, the documentary DESIGN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, several music videos & short films. She recently completed the romantic dramedy script EVERGLOW, and book of poetry “Light Needs Night”, ’by’ its lead character. She has written screenplays for a variety of production companies; and audio essays from her memoir, INFLUENTIA, can be found on SoundCloud.

In addition to being the photographer of “Nouns in the Road”, TIME + TIDE: AS REVEALED BY LIGHT, and “Imaginary Bands & their Fake Ass Songs”, Carolyn is the NAACP Image Award-winning producer of HBO’s AMERICA’S DREAM, the Emmy-nominated producer of TNT’s FREEDOM SONG and BUFFALO SOLDIERS, and the NatGeo documentary, BEARING LIGHT. After beginning her successful film industry career at Warner Bros. TV in advertising & publicity (working on campaigns for Blade Runner, the Superman franchise & WB cartoons), she was a creative executive at Cinecom before she ran Danny Glover’s Carrie Productions for a decade.

Carolyn has exhibited her photographs at the Gantt Center for African-American Art + Culture in Charlotte, NC; Gallery F at the Scarrett-Bennett Center in Nashville, TN, where she was an artist-in-residence; and at group shows in Los Angeles, CA. While in quarantine during the pandemic, Carolyn began creating colorful mixed media frames for her photographs.

Carolyn studied photography at SUNY Purchase; film, dramatic writing & art history at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts; and Art & Design at Watkins College, Nashville. She is a teaching artist, and frequent lecturer & panelist at international film festivals. Carolyn recently launched SuiteSee, a “multi-faceted production portal for multi-disciplinary artists”. She resides in Long Beach, CA.




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LIGHT NEEDS NIGHT is a collection of poems inspired by Tammy, the lead character in Carolyn McDonald’s upcoming romantic dramedy film “Everglow”. ‘Penned by Tammy’ over the course of the story, these 30-something poems serve as motifs throughout the film and chronicles her emotional journey.

IMAGINARY BANDS + THEIR FAKE ASS SONGS, VOL. 1 was born via pains of insomnia in the wee pre-dawn hours, after having been told decades prior that no one would let a black girl shoot album covers. Rather than counting sheep or odd numbers backwards every night, I glibly scribbled make-believe bands, artists and songs into a pad. Then married them with some of the photos I’ve been shooting since before I bought my first album. Moral of the story: Dreams cannot be killed. They just wallow around in your subconscious until the right bout of insomnia sets them free.

Kitty Moved On | TIME + TIDE: LIGHT NEEDS NIGHT (2022)
Kitty Moved On" is from Carolyn's TIME + TIDE: AS REVEALED BY LIGHT photo collection comprised of abstract glyphs etched into the sand by the sea.

A Reel of Still Photographs (2022)
Video compilation featuring highlights from Carolyn's collections: NOUNS IN THE ROAD, TIME + TIDE: AS REVEALED BY LIGHT, and IMAGINARY BANDS & THEIR FAKE ASS SONGS

Carolyn McDonald Art Photography Reel

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