Carlos Rodriguez

I discovered that creating art is my life purpose about 3 years ago when I first got paid hourly for a menu board. I recognized the value and understood the sacrifice and commitment it would take, and I wasn’t the least bit hesitant! I started learning and investing all my time into gathering the right knowledge and immersing myself into the community of successful artists. I quickly learned that the business side of art was a new skill I needed to learn so through consistency and quality awareness I was able to tap into the right opportunities that lead me to freelance art full time! It has been a very difficult journey, but I have never been happier and more satisfied! I will do whatever it takes to continue to grow my knowledge and skill in this facet of life.


Contact Information

Carlos Rodriguez
(562) 338-4756

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Artist Work

PCH shark on brick wall! (2023)
Great white shark in realism style as the shop owner asked for

Medusa cannabis (2022)
Second time doing this style of art I really enjoyed painting the leaves for this second attempt I made the illustration note dynamic and took more time with the values

Abstract kaws/murakami (2023)
Client wanted kaws/murikami mural with complete creative freedom on the illustration! I love when the client trust me like this!