Carlos Eduardo Gacharná

I am a sculptor and an immigrant. The materials and visual language that I utilize stems from my background in ceramics and glassblowing. Yet, I choose to explore the ephemeral nature of the collective human spirit. What is the role of spirituality, ritual and community in our modern, individualistic society? When the world starts to crumble at our feet, do we abandon the past in order to evolve beyond our troubles? Or should we lean into our ancient survival strategies? 

I don’t pretend to offer any answers. My hope is to create quiet spaces for reflection on the transient nature of energy and the forces that define us.



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Contact Information

Carlos Eduardo Gacharná
(608) 358-1102

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Artist Work

Flow (2020)
Black light photography printed on vinyl.

Between Heaven and Earth (2017)
Between Heaven and Earth is a project I started while still studying glass at the University of Wisconsin - Madison that has come to encompass all of my black light photography projects. They are material explorations of energy as a metaphor for spirituality.

Link to Between Heaven and Earth

Aint No Justice, Just Us (2020)
Collaboration with Nat Iosbaker on the facade of Shoe Palace in North Long Beach. Shortly after the neighborhood was looted.

Clarity of Vision (2021)
Video footage of fluorescent dyes under a high-powered black light.

Link to Clarity of Vision