Bryan Baker

Bryan Baker is a multi-Instrumentalist and composer born and raised in Long Beach, CA dedicated to creating honest music that uplifts and inspires those who listen. Influenced by all genres of music, his goal is to captivate the listener within sonic landscapes and allow them to traverse through an array of emotions.
He grew up classically trained on flute and then became enamored by the feeling of playing jazz with the saxophone. Enthralled by the euphoria of improvising and composing a jazz solo, little did he know that at the time this feeling was his first taste of creative freedom. From then on he decided to expand that love for creative freedom by investing most of his time composing music.
Bryan Baker’s method of composition consists of recording all of his improvisations on flute, saxophone, guitar, bass, keyboard, and percussion and combining them using the DAW Logic Pro X.
He has had the honor of being featured on musical works by Low Leaf, Know-Madik, Soular System, Eusébio Akasa, Bathala and more.


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Bryan Baker
(562) 412-8179

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Artist Work

More Thyme (2020)
A piece of music I composed, recorded, and produced. All instruments are played by me.

1 - More Thyme by Bryan Baker

More Thyme by Bryan baker Composed, recorded & produced by Bryan Baker

Sandstone by Bryan Baker (2020)
A small clip of an original music composition with a video I created using stop-motion.

Sandstone by Bryan Baker

Music composed, recorded and produced by Bryan BakerStop-motion video created and edited by Bryan BakerBryan Baker

"VOICE" by LOW LEAF from PRiMiTiVA (2019)
This is a video of Low Leaf with the full band that I'm playing saxophone in.


"Voice" from PRiMiTiVA by LOW LEAF* 😤 directed, shot, mixed n mastered by @blqlyte* 🚀 @colebrossus on the bass* 🎸 @marcencabo on the guitar * 🎷 @musical...