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My work explores ideas and questions about who we are in this world and what it means to walk our chosen paths. How much of what we do is guided by intuition and what is guided by the spiritual? How do we reconcile ancient cherished beliefs within the ever-evolving world of technological dependence? How do we find moments of transcendence as we strive toward professional and personal goals? I explore these questions and ideas through influences ranging from pop culture, horror movies, science fiction, the concept of life and death, religion, and music.


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Brian Ochoa
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Artist Work

The Serpent (2021)
Designed for a skateboard deck this image of the Plumed Serpent from the Aztec culture, the flames envelop the heart as the Serpent punches through our darkest depths creating a burning desire to take action.

Hail Oz (2019)
Ozzy Osbourne became a poster child for the PMRC in the 80s He and his music were viewed by any parents as horrific and would make us kids become devil worshippers But those in the know remember Ozzy as being a flawed human who explored the dark areas of society.

Mountain Dancer (2020)
The Apache tribes of the Southwest are where my dad's family is from A dance called The Crown Dance is done to ward off enemies and protect the people specifically the children It is a very sacred and old tradition still done today. Ancient music meeting the "modern".