Brenda Cibrian Murals

Possessing a stimulating artistic voice, Brenda Cibrian enchants her audiences with her contemplative, wondrous, enigmatic demeanor and transports them into another dimension that is both fantastical and familiar. Her ability to juxtapose incongruous imagery emerges as her defining characteristic, which is a reflection of her life experiences.

Inspired by nostalgia, every day life and the surreal, Brenda’s use of bold and vivid hues intertwined with delicate brushstrokes awakens the walls of Los Angeles County communities. Whether portraying the serene tranquility of Mexican desert landscapes or inspiring authenticity by paying homage to Frida Kahlo, her art evokes a spectrum of emotions — inviting introspection and connection.

In addition to being a muralist, Brenda has exhibited her work in galleries across Los Angeles and Orange Counties, earning acclaim for her ability to transcend cultural boundaries through art. Most notably her painting “Healing Honey Temple” was chosen third place for best of show by the community and City of South Gate during the South Gate Museum 2022 Show. Brenda is currently a resident artist at The Hive Gallery and Studios in Downtown Los Angeles.

As she embarks on her next chapter, Brenda’s experiences and relationships continue to shape her exploration of human emotion. Although the future remains a mystery, Brenda will continue to delight her audiences with surprise as she evolves– drawing from her past, building on the present, and imagining the beyond.


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Frida Life After Death (2022)
Frida Kahlo inspired mural for Casita Frida Long Beach, Airbnb

Link to Frida Life After Death

Brenda on Instagram: "More 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 #murals #buterflies #fridakahloinspired #casitafridalongbeach #art #frida"

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Lighting The Way To The Future (2023)
The Trust for Public Land, with various funding sources, is pursuing an alleyway greening throughout South Central Los Angeles. As part of this alleyway greening, the The UrbanStudio and South Central Arts organizations were been brought on board to provide public art for a total of 11 Walls within the alleyway network. I was one of the artists selected.

Link to Lighting The Way To The Future

Navigating The Thorns of Life (2022)
Driveway mural for AirBNB location in Long Beach, CA

Link to Navigating The Thorns of Life

Chihuahua Alebrije (2022)
Driveway mural for AirBNB location in Long Beach, CA

Link to Chihuahua Alebrije

Vending Machines in Long Beach (2022)
Vending machines located at Black Ring Coffee, Long Beach Airport, Ficklewood Cidery

Catrina (2022)
Backyard mural for AirBNB location in Long Beach, CA

Link to Catrina