Bre Maa

I am an artistic messenger who creates music to heal and be healed. Most of my work is produced during my healing processes so all of my songs are beautiful breakthroughs. I cry or laugh, write it down, express how I am feeling from the heart and pray the song inspires who ever it reaches. Recording and all the technical aspects of the process comes later.



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Bre Maa
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Hood Zen Manifesto Part 1 (2018)
Hood Zen is a song I wrote in mantra form. The song is a chant to inspire, peace, hope and happiness to who ever it reaches. In the song I encourage the journey of going within to experience zen or zen moments. With Hip-Hop being the medium.

Hood Zen Manifesto pt. 1 by Bre Maa

Bre Maa delivers a hym of peace and relaxation for the hood, worldwide. Produced by Negus Korby.

Star Burst feat (Bre Maa) (2019)
Star Burst is a track featured on Binary Starr’s Latest album title Light years Apart.

Black Ugly Mama by Bre Maa

A classic track revealing the story of the late blooming floral of the hood. What would the hood be without the Mother? B.U.M. is a poetic story I channeled in meditation. It is maa story, her story, and our story in the harshest pockets of the planet; ((The inner Cities)).

Nu Crack (2019)
Nu Crack is a live performance of a political spoken word piece.

Bre Maa -Nu Crack

The Hood Celestial delivers a message to make a Crack big enough to be an escapable space out of the matrix. The Nu Crack. Beat : "No Signal" by Eludem Album Shot by: Protius James IG: @shotbyprotius

B.U.M. (2017)
B.U.M. is a song that sheds light on the defamation of the black women’s image in this country and beyond. A tone of pain and triumph.

Link to B.U.M.

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