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Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Brandon attended Ithaca College and then earned his MFA in Screenwriting at Boston University. After teaching U.S. History and Economics in NYC public schools, Brandon relocated to Los Angeles and broke into the TV writing scene with the Warner Bros. Animation 2011 reboot of THUNDERCATS followed by TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS. His original graphic novel SHADOWLAW won the 2013 Glyph Award for Best Writer.

Won five 2014 Glyph Awards and also nominated for an Eisner Award for the African-American inspired WATSON AND HOLMES graphic novel. An alumnus of the 2015 Disney/ABC Writing Program, Brandon wrote on season two of MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER and was commissioned to adapt the Japanese horror franchise VAMPIRE HUNTER D into a TV series. Recent credits include JUDGE DREDD: FALSE WITNESS, MARVEL ACTION SPIDER-MAN, TRANSFORMERS: GALAXIES as well as the hit Netflix TV series TRANSFORMERS – WAR FOR CYBERTRON: SIEGE. Brandon is currently on the writing team of the STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE graphic novel series from IDW Publishing and a writer for the DC COMICS FUTURE STATE: SUPERMAN event series released in January 2021.

Brandon has been announced as a writer for a variety of upcoming DC series including MISTER MIRACLE: THE SOURCE OF FREEDOM, SUPERMAN: TRUTH & JUSTICE, SUPERMAN: RED AND BLUE and BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT. In June 2020, Brandon made history by being the first Westerner to have written a domestic Chinese screenplay KILLING BETA and pass through their SARFT censorship board. Currently, Brandon is on the writing teams of OVERWATCH 2 and HEARTHSTONE for Blizzard Entertainment.

Mission Statement: I believe in the power of literary and visual arts to challenge and transform bigotry and implicit bias in our society. With so many people living in geographic, economic and ethnic bubbles, human interaction is at an all-time low (especially in the SoCal region where diversity exists but segregation is intense). As a screenwriter, graphic novel creator, video game writer and filmmaker, I know that my stories can impact people of all communities, but specifically can provide inspiration and guidance for the African-American community of Los Angeles County – a population that’s been decimated by a variety of factors; a population generally disregarded as criminal and inferior; a population that needs to be regarded with a small degree of human empathy and dignity.

If we expose the existence of more Black creators to the masses, it may go a long way to change negative expectations and fears of Black people in our communities and give younger people clear role models of success.



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Future State Superman of Metropolis (2021)
On the writing team of DC Comics' hit FUTURE STATE event series released in February 2021.

Transformers Galaxies (2020)
Writer for the Ultra Magnus storyarc in the IDW Publishing graphic novel series detailing the history of the Cybertronian conflict.

"Embers of Extinction" Perturabo - The Horus Heresy (2020)
A short story of the Primarch Perturabo from the Horus Heresy storyline in the Warhammer 40K sci-fi universe. From Black Library and Games Workshop.

Transformers War for Cybertron - Siege (2020)
Writer on Netflix's smash hit series about the origins of the Cybertronian Civil War.

Link to Transformers War for Cybertron - Siege

BRAVE NEW SOULS: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st Century - final trailer

BRAVE NEW SOULS NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON GUMROAD.COM: This documentary explores the thoughts, goals and inspirations of a new generation of Black creators in graphic novels, television, cinema, literature and digital media. Producer/director Brandon M.