Bossy Flyer

Bossy Flyer brings acrobatic entertainment to uncommon spaces. We play with mixed forms of movement and language to empower audiences and frisk unusual theatrical terrain. We have performed across North America, Australia & the UK to critical acclaim including Off-Broadway.
We take classic stories and reimagine them through acrobatics, dance, and ensemble movement. Our work is both wordless and narrative, using physical theatre practice to create engaging and moving characters and relationships who exist in a world where communication is highly physical and frequently acrobatic – investigating the nature of our deeper desires through a contemporary circus and dance vocabulary. We seek to tell gripping human stories that probe our current sociopolitical moment with the sensation of momentum and magic.


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Taylor Casas
(562) 673-0298

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Artist Work

THREE (2019)
Inspired by 'NO EXIT' by Jean Paul Sartre Three acrobats test the limits of a human connection in a confined space with no words and no exit A kinetic experience packed with adrenaline and a slick soundtrack ★★★★★ "AN INTENSE AND GRIPPING STORY TOLD THROUGH DAZZLING ACROBATIC FEATS!" -JOFF SCHMIDT,

FLIGHT (2016)
"Ingenious!" - NY times. An acrobatic version of 'The Little Prince,' a timeless story for all ages about learning to see with the heart. Premiered in Edinburgh and with an Off-Broadway run at the Barrow Street Theatre, FLIGHT brings language to life with enchanting shapes, momentum, and magic.

An acrobatic comedy for all ages! Roommates. Can't live with them. Can't afford to live without them. Our acrobatic take on 'The Odd Couple,' with high flying acro, silly prat falls, and passive aggressive double takes. Winner of Outstanding Physical Arts Award San Diego. ★★★★- WPG Free press