Bodysport Capoeira

We are an Afro-Brazilian martial art group. Capoeira was born in Brazil during the trans-Atlantic slave trade era. Enslaved Africans disguised their training for self defense in the form of a dance. Our academy is under the grand Mestre Roque from São Salvador, Bahia.




Contact Information

Vanessa Hernandez
(562) 343-6102

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Artist Work

MOLAA Demo (2018)
Demo for MOLAA event

Mestre Roque & Bodysport Demo at MOLAA

No Description

Queen Mary Demo (2016)
Queen Mary demo

No Title

No Description

Roda on the bluffs- express yourself (2015)
Expression through the arts

Bluffs Roda with Mestre Roque | Bodysport Capoeira

No Description

Berimbau (2019)
Capoeira in public schools

Link to Berimbau