Bob Rosenfield

My passion for wood as a material was born when I discovered how to reflect the inner beauty that I saw in a raw piece of wood into its surface so that its coloration, texture, grain, striation and form could be fully appreciated. The woods I work with come from a combination of locally fallen or cut trees and raw wood imported from countries around the world.

Each piece of wood, with its unique shape, intuitively guides me through my carving. Wood is a living medium of natural wonder and timeless beauty which invokes in us feelings of calm and groundedness. I try to accentuate the material’s natural color and form, often highlighting characteristics in the wood that others might consider flaws. Assisted by the use of multiple power carving tools, hand rasps and sandpaper, each piece attains its finalized form.

The finishing process can take as long as the sculptural process, beginning with hand sanding and ending with oil and wax to smooth the wood and bring out its color. Each new piece is an experiment in abstracting and refining rough pieces of wood to lend them movement, form and eternal life as art objects.


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Bob Rosenfield
(562) 882-4151

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Artist Work

#0123 Cypress (2023)
Carved Cypress wood mounted on wood base.18"H x 14"W x 18"L

#0324 Unknown Wood (2024)
Carved wood, mounted on wood base.18"H x 9"W 9.5"L

#1121 FOG (Found on Ground) wood (2021)
Carved wood, mounted on stained wood base.25"H x 11"w x 13"L