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My artwork is a representation of the middle ground. Not always beautiful, a little imperfect or messy but honest and vulnerable. It exists between realms, where my subconscious lies and a different layer of reality.
It’s communication between myself and the spiritual realm. An insight to their world, what it feels and looks like through a hyper-realistic lens.
Following the faith of my ancestors has led me to being more expressive and communicative with my artwork. When I paint, I’m just a vessel for the beauty that becomes art.
Painting became a way for me to say what I needed to, without having to speak.
I want to viewers to think of their own spiritual perception, and how it affects their daily life. The internal urges and first feelings, their own intuition and discernment. Self empowerment through spirituality, rather than fear.
Reflecting the current day and age, but also internal feeling is important to us as a society and should be heralded as such.
In the last year or so, my focus has been a portrayal of afro-futurism, and an exploration of translating black pain into a possible thriving future, and a peek into the dangers that lie ahead. As we enter a new era, there’s added concern as to how indigenous practices will be sustained, including my own.


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Artist Work

Baby's Body (2019)
Two bodies, posing in a soft nature. The abrasive streaks and dashes of colors represent different experiences, ancestral pain, feelings, projections and violence that we are subjected to as black femmes. I wanted to paint a somewhat universal experience, but one that black femmes can relate to.

Two Faced (2021)
Originally designed for a Pabst Blue Ribbon x Monster Kids coaster contest - I decided to take it a step further, making a bigger version. The sun (gorgeous hues of red, orange, purple and yellow) and the moon (hues of blue, green and yellow).

John Doe (2022)
Johnny Doe, also known as Shay’s counterpart, has been a piece that’s taught me IMMENSE patience Another side to duality, but from a more masculine perspective Neither Shay or Johnny identify as man or woman, but are mostly a representation of life.