Asia Banyaga

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Long Beach, California. I am a traditional visual artist, creative director, artistic director, 3D animator, fashion designer, social media entrepreneur, model, interior designer, and DJ. I graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School, earned my Associates in Studio Art from Long Beach City College, then earned my Bachelors in Studio Art from California State University Long Beach at the age of 21.



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Asia Banyaga

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Seeing in Color (2018)
The eye was drawn using colored pencils then it enhanced with digital paint. The crinkled watercolor effect was literally created by bleeding different watercolor splotches together, crinkling the paper, then scanning it into Photoshop to act as the background for the eye.

Day at the Desert (2018)
My twist of "day at the beach" featuring a fit woman in a swimsuit spending a "day at the desert" (drawn using graphite then manipulated on Photoshop).

Link to Day at the Desert

My Favorites (2019)
Still life of some of my favorite "asian" food products drawn using graphite then enhanced using digital paint

Link to My Favorites