Ashley N Myles

My name is Ashley Myles. I am an inspirational creative. I am facilitator of healing. I am an educator. I am a conduit of Universal Love!

I believe that God creates us with our life’s mission imprinted on our hearts and blesses us with strength, wisdom and resources to carry it out. I was called to create SOULTIQUE Intentional Jewelry to carry out my life’s mission of inspiring healing, peace and purpose. This heart lead work, combines my three passions. Crystal education. Spreading love and positive vibes. Creating beautiful jewelry.

I am deeply moved by watching the aspirations of others grow from dream to fruition. I find joy in offering support, encouragement and knowledge as we journey through this thing called life. In the constant exploration of my personal evolution, I discovered the life-changing effects of intention setting. The act of making a goal an affirmation. Holding onto it until you see the that dream come true! Allowing it to inspire and keep you focused as you take every step to bring your seed to harvest.


Contact Information

Ashley N Myles
(213) 293-4913

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Artist Work

"Passion and Purpose" Sunstone Bracelet (2019)
Sunstone beads, elastic cordSunstone promotes passion, creativity and divine feminine energy.

"Alchemy" (2020)
Rutilated quartz beads, elastic cordRutilated quartz promotes clarity of thought

"Reina" (2020)
White shell beads, elastic cord, brass crown charm and accent beadsShell stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability. It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision-making