My name is Alexandria Smith, Alex for short; I’ve always enjoyed art and would quietly and occasionally dabble in it. Particularly hand-drawing, more the cartoon aspect and in the art of poetry. I stopped for a sufficient amount of time, being told and not encouraged to further my growth and expression in it. Am I good? Well, honestly, I consider my art as creative growth with what I do. Meaning I’m still learning as I go along and grow. Recently, I’ve taken up digital art with adobe Illustrator, learning the program I haven’t been to any shows or exhibits. Everyday cultivating my skills is something I enjoy, being able to create as I learn.


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Alexandria Smith

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Space Cream (2021)
Sweet as its cosmic, in its hues of colors blues and violets. Beyond the mind of the tantalizing sweetness of taste and color from a world all its own.

Paper Waterfall (2021)
Paper-style waterfall, popping from the page. With a mystical essence of relaxation.

Bud Talk (2021)
A simple rose for the garden and lovers of anything green of Mother Earth.