Art of the Endangered

Known as “Art of Endangered,” Jonathan Martinez’ artistic journey began ten years ago and since that time, he has stayed true to what has become his signature style: vibrant colors that seem to move, envelop and uplift the beauty of the wildlife he paints.
Dedicated to painting wildlife exclusively, with every piece, Jonathan celebrates the natural world as he also calls on us, to protect it.


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Contact Information

Jonathan Martinez
(714) 488-1378

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Artist Work

Monarchs (2022)
Painted in 2022 in San Francisco California. This mural is in partnership with General Pencil Co. & Academy of Art University. To Raise awareness for the now endangered Western Monarch butterfly.

Link to Monarchs

P22 Forever (2022)
Mural in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation & Ladera Stars Academy Located in Thousand Oaks, California During the painting of this mural, P22 passed away in December of 2022 It was difficult to complete this mural knowing he wasn’t with us anymore Will continue to honor his Legacy

Link to P22 Forever

Esperanza (2020)
In partnership with the National Wildlife Federation. This mural was painted in the summer of 2020. Celebrating the life of P22 mountain lion and California native wildlife. Located in the heart of Los Angeles.

Link to Esperanza