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Monica Holdman born and raised in Paramount,Ca . As a 36 year old woman,She now resides in Bellflower California. She works full time as a preschool teacher and part time as an emerging artist.She originally went to school and graduated from Long Beach City College and received a degree in FAshion Design.

Monica later decided to go back to school to become a preschool teacher and rekindle an old passion for art, at El Camino College. She was always fascinated when she was watching her dad draw. Later, she began to trace cartoon characters such as superheroes and power rangers etc; until she was able to draw freehand.

Eventually, she became interested in painting. When she was at Lakewood Library visiting the art section when she stumbled on some Monet and Van Gogh Paintings. Monica’s biggest obstacle was temporarily being homeless, as a teenager. She turned to God to bless and guide her with her art and poetry; in expressing herself.

Monica loves using vibrant bold colors and blessings in drawing and painting everything ; people, animal’s, flowers, abstract etc,.God has blessed Monica artwork to expand tremendously. She created artwork to send a positive message encouraging people of self love, to remind them of their strength , joy , reconnecting them to humanity through her art and more.

She never gave up on becoming an artist. God is still broadening Monica world of art.


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Monica Holdman
(562) 229-8385

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Artist Work

Bared (2021)
To reveal our true self we must strip our self bare leaving ourselves vulnerable . As humans we must embrace our flaws to embrace our true beauty.

Strength (2021)
As amazing as we are as humans we never know our strength until we rise from the ashes from where we had fallen from. Its up to us to get back up and position our self in a better position.

Heart Desires (2021)
It is amazing to help others but sometimes we get caught up in other people needs and forget about our own desires, passion , and what we enjoyed. Heart Desires is a reminder about how self care is important.

Black Tears (2021)
Life is beautiful and frustration. sometimes we want to rant, scream, break things . That frustration we use as fuel to brake free of the chains that have us bond.