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Hi, I’m Lauren also know as Blu. I’ve been painting for a little over two and a half years now and I am an emotional painter. I consider myself to be an empath and most of the time I am overwhelmed with feelings and painting has become my outlet for that. I enjoy being able to paint how I feel and have others feel and interpret my art in their own way. I use lots of bright colors with bold lines and dark backgrounds for contrast. I paint a lot of women characters with blue hair wearing tribal war paint on their faces. In every woman I paint I add a touch of myself with little details such as two small beauty marks, one by the left nostril and the other on the right side of the mouth. I leave a piece of myself in every piece I create. Art is so much more than a hobby for me, its become a lifestyle and a necessity.


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Blu Fernandez
(562) 308-8572

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Artist Work

Boo Johnson (2018)
Acrylic on Skateboard.

Self Portrait (2018)
Self Portrait

Untitles (2018)
Acrylic on Skateboard