Arnold Randall

I think of my illustrations as the beginning of a dialogue between what the viewer may think black sci-fi looks like, and what it looks like to me. My art is created to challenge our perception of the impact of black people in the future. Each illustration tells a different story, centered around characters that are representative of the future of black people while also drawing on parallels from modern-day life.



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Arnold Randall

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Prototype (2020)
This is an illustration of an afrocentric part-woman part-machine prototype. Created as a template for law enforcement, security, entertainment and general service.

Ascension (2020)
Simply put, this image depicts the presence of black people in space, as well as the notion that our inclusion has been like a trek through the cold dark unknown.

Reprogram (2020)
Imagine the ability to alter your mood, change your hair color or learn a language by completing a simple update via a mechanism located behind your head.