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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Arminé Iknadossian’s family fled to California when she was four years old to escape the civil war. After graduating from UCLA, Iknadossian earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University. The author of All That Wasted Fruit (Main Street Rag), Iknadossian’s work is included in XLA Anthology, Whale Road Review, Southern Florida Poetry Journal, MacQueen’s Quarterly and The American Journal of Poetry. She has received fellowships from Idyllwild Arts, The Los Angeles Writing Project and Otis College of Art and Design. She lives in Long Beach, California where she offers writing workshops and private manuscript consultations. Discover more at and

Arminé enjoys working with local artists like Nancy Lynée Woo to bring literary arts events to local, national and international writers. She loves to teach writing workshops online and in person. Some of the classes she is offering through Nancy’s SURPRISE THE LINE organization include generative writing classes and revision circles which offer safe, intimate, anti-racist, inclusive and dynamic spaces for writers to explore their inner world and to write authentically and deeply.

Recently Arminé’s poems were featured in XLA Poets Anthology (Hinchas Press) along with nine other womxn of color who represent Los Angeles’s diversity.

Project 1521 is another one of Arminé’s passion projects. Project 1521 is a collaboration between artist Sandy Rodriguez, writer/KPCC reporter Adolfo Guzman-Lopez and six other local artists, writers and scholars including Arminé. It was inspired by Indigenous perspectives on the Spanish invasion. The project brings together artists, writers, and scholars to generate visual and literary works as acts of resistance.



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Armine Iknadsosian Four Poems (2019)
This is a feature that Cultural Weekly published with four of my poems from my debut poetry collection All That Wasted Fruit (Main Street Rag Press)

Link to Armine Iknadsosian Four Poems

Book Review: All That Wasted Fruit (2019)
Poet Alexandra Umlas chose to write a review of my first book for Cultural Weekly. Her skillful analysis is so deftly written, it feels like it is essential reading for anybody who wants to appreciate the poems in my book.

Link to Book Review: All That Wasted Fruit

Feature in San Diego Reader (2017)
Three poems by Arminé Iknadossian: California Love Poem, Two Lovers Asleep, The Swimming Lesson

Link to Feature in San Diego Reader

California Love Poem by Arminé Iknadossian (2018)
Amber Shockley was kind enough to choose my poem "California Love Poem" to create a visual poem out of it. The result is a lovely little video that showcases the imagery found in the text of the poem. The Pasadena Lit Festival showcased this video in 2021.

Link to California Love Poem by Arminé Iknadossian

"California Love Poem" by Armine' Iknadossian

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