Arielle Hughes

My name is Arielle Hughes, I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I recently graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor’s in Studio Art. I consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for Tattooing, Illustration, and Animation. My work is heavily influenced by my curiosity in themes that surround humanity’s relationship with society, spirituality/animism, capitalism/isolation, and agency. As a queer afro-latinx whose reality is shaped by oppression and underrepresentation, I’ve learned to rely on my artistry as an anchor to my survival and future. My art is me, it’s an extension of myself and it’s what drives me forward.

The best way I can describe my artistic style is a combination of different mediums. Taking this approach of experimentation helps me freely express my ideas and emotions without restricting myself to a single art form. Throughout my career, I have worked on animated short films, album covers, tattoos, editorial photography, and a solo gallery exhibition.



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Contact Information

Arielle Hughes
(562) 446-5825

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Artist Work

Kueen Muerete (2022)
6 ft, charcoal, faux hair on paper. Incense, Florida water, candles, and a lighter in the middle of the hair circle.

Korner Meat (2022)
6 Ft., Charcoal, faux blood on paper.

Salange (2022)
6 Ft., Charcoal, acrylic nails on paper. Acrylic nails done by Naomi Wilson.

Luqi (2022)
Tattoo Design

Black Rorem (2022)
Original Black Rorem design for Prom's clothing company

Ale (2022)
Commisson for artist and producer Ale Araya.