Anna San Paolo

California Native, Long Beach Artist
Growing up in the greater South Bay Area, my artwork reflects subjects that I have grown up seeing, hearing and experienced in life.
Portrait painting, figurative work, and photography has always been a part of my personal fabric.



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Anna San Paolo

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Artist Work

Nick Cig (1994)
"Nick Cig" is part of a group of images taken in the 1990's. Art school, punk rock, and documenting life.

Edward James Olmos (2022)
Oil on Canvas, Edward James Olmos, a homage.

Turbo (2014)
Oil on Canvas.Break dancing was a part of life growing up in the '80's. The fashion, dance, and lifestyle is such a part of the cultural history in California.

Dia De Los Muertos 2020 (2020)
A traditional Dia De Los Muertos Offrenda, 2020, created to honor my personal loved ones.

Dia De Los Muertos 2020

Offrenda dedicated to the strong women who have touched our lives.