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With a doctorate in Performance Studies from Northwestern and extensive training in traditional, collaborative performance from the African Diaspora, Anna Beatrice Scott practices performance at the intersection of dance, digital devices and text, on stages, in blogs, books and through strategic marketing plans. She has been fortunate to collaborate with artists like Jessica Emmanuel, Wilfried Souly, Thomas DeFrantz, Pat Payne, Ulysses Jenkins, Sheron Wray, Meg Wolfe, Najité, Brian Getnik, and Ritsu Katsumata on an array of performance work. Her work is archived at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and the J. Paul Getty Museum. Scott has produced major festivals, conferences, tours, websites, and workshops. She has presented her solo performance work in traditional and non-traditional spaces around the country including the REDCAT, MIT, Express Yourself Festival in Chicago’s Grant Park, Bayview Opera House in San Francisco, streets around Los Angeles as well as a few international sites like the Slaghuset in Malmô Sweden and Teatro Castro Alves in Salvador-Bahia, Brasil, As a dancer, she has performed for Alassane Kane, Augusto Omolu, Isuara Oliveira, Malonga Casquelorde. She is the artistic director of VISCERA Performance Instigation Troupe. They perform ‘high tech’ street theater installations, having launched the inaugural performance in the Los Angeles World Airports’ and Public Art division of the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Ephemeral Art Program with ‘Bout To Get On. Her current practice engages the politics of data sources and mapped sites utilizing augmented reality, dance, low-fi 360 photos and SQL. She currently collaborates with the business strategy consultancy bigSTORY as a movement specialist and curriculum designer.




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in order to form a more perfect union (2017)
In collaboration with the women of Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, I designed and choreographed a series of 360 degree immersive photos and augment reality keys for installation at Project Row Houses as part of the larger month long BWA4BLM residency.

Link to in order to form a more perfect union

Presented at LAX Festival, Bootleg Theater venue, the work begins a study of the import and impact of sugar in our modern lives This first installment traverses colonial languages of the Caribbean as Caroline discovers the cost of relying on sweet nothings to better her life.


For Kara, Gigi & N'em (2015)
Here my crew, VISCERA, performs a choreography of mine that investigates signaling the divine in moments of turbulence, investigating the gestures of sacred summoning alongside semaphore, ship-to-shore signaling.

For Kara, Gigi & N'em

This dance, "For Kara, Gigi & N'em," was choreographed by Anna B. Scott and performed in 2013.

DJANJOBA: A Gratitude Festival (2018)
I produced this 3 day drum and dance festival in February. Conceived by dancer choreographer Wilfried Souly, I designed all marketing collateral, schedules and special events. We secured a $5000 grant from ACTA to support the event which celebrated Mande culture in Southern California.

Link to DJANJOBA: A Gratitude Festival

'Bout To Get On

Most recent ensemble work of Anna B. Scott, a Los Angeles-based performance artist, theorist and consultant. Performed at The Van Nuys FlyAway Bus Center in Van Nuys, California, May 23, 2011.