Angel Acordagoitia

as child I was always surrounded by art through either seeing my father sketch or drawing with my older sister. The only formal art training I’ve had were a couple of art courses at Cerritos College and working with my uncle, who is an artist as well. During his teens my uncle took courses with a student of Frida Kahlo. While working with my uncle I learned so much about art. I learned how to create murals, art history and how to paint walls with various techniques. During my time at Cerritos College I took a life-drawing course. I remember my Professor telling me “ You’re so talented it’s scary” I guess she saw something in me that was forming. I learned so much from those experiences. Working with my uncle and attending Cerritos College molded me into the artist that I have become. After a couple of years of working with my  uncle it was time to venture on my own.               



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Angel Acordagoitia
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Artist Work

The Outsiders (2023)
The Outsiders Painting is about our addiction so social media. We log in to see a world were we thing is real but we dont see the negative side of it. Specially for teens and kids.

Link to The Outsiders

Dance of life (Dance Macabre) (2022)
Dance of life (Dance Macabre) celebrate life and death through music and dance.

Link to Dance of life (Dance Macabre)

Lagrimas Encrucijadas (2022)
This Painting is about the Femicide that has been occurring in Juarez Mexico, since the 1990s. For this painting i wanted to show the story/side of the family members whom have suffered from this tragedy.

Link to Lagrimas Encrucijadas

The Night Dancer (2023)

Untitled (Frida) (2021)
Painting is part of the Portrait of a Portrait collection. 6 artist whom have inspired me at some point in my ljfe.