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Hello my name is Angel Acordagoitia i am an artist who likes to evolve with every art piece i create and find new ways to make my art unique. As a child I was always surrounded by art. Either by watching my father sketch, drawing with my older sister and finally by visiting my uncle’s gallery in the Santa Clarita Valley. Even though I was surrounded by art I did not understand the talent I had inside of me. During my late teenage years my uncle took me under his wing. My uncle had studied art in one of the most prestigious schools in Mexico City. Later he established his own mural company in the Santa Clarita valley. This was a turning point in my life; in other words, this is where I became fascinated with art. He taught me what no art school would and because of that I was able to learn unique techniques from him. After a couple of years of working with my uncle it was time to venture on my own. I decided to Create Immortal Gallery to express my talent and my creativity.



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Angel Acordagoitia
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Love Will Tear us Apart (2017)
This painting is influence by the chaotic love that mexican artist Diego Rivera and Frida kahlo had throughout their time together. I wanted to express their relationship with another influence. The Band Joy Division have a song called" Love will Tear us Apart". This song was suitable for their love.

La Mujer y la Calavera Soñando (2017)
This painting is about the hundreds of women who were killed in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico since 1993.

Los Catrines (2012)
Los Catrines is influence by the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada. I wanted to create a modern twist to Los Catrines. In today's society who's influenced by social media divorce is a command thing. This paintings is about being together till do death do us part.

The Sinners (2012)
The Sinners represent our life on Social Media. We use social media to show a life that most of the time is a not reality. People use social media to express how they feel for example greed, anger, gluttony etcetera. This brings us the the 7 deadly sins.