Andrew Pisula

I believe in the magic of making things with your own hands. I’m an engineer by day and this is reflected in my focus on large, wooden sculptures based heavily in symmetry and repetition. I find the beauty of geometry to be inspiring and attempt to capture that in all that I do. I love the touch and feel, the nicks and bruises, and also the process of turning recycled wood and other materials into something new. I’m constantly growing and expanding the materials I work with and changing tools and techniques in the hopes of opening up a new world of possibilities.



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Andrew Pisula

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Artist Work

Curved Wing (2016)
36" x 60"Steamed then bent wood and paint

Mandala XVI (2017)
42x38 Lathe, Walnut, Mahogany, Kisipo, White Turquoise, burlap, paint, and mixed media

Burnt Circles (2017)
Burnt Circles Charred background in shou sugi ban style with raised wood points in concentric circles with gold leaf tips. Wood points recess as concentric circles expand across background