Amy Trowbridge

Amy Trowbridge, of Long Beach, California, is an artist specializing in acrylic paintings, pet portraits, pencil, pencil and charcoal, and murals. Simply put, a passion for life is her artistic inspiration. Often the most beautiful and inspirational moments in life — those spent in nature, with loved ones, or with our beloved pets — are also the most fleeting. Her hope in this artistic journey is to capture some of this beauty and turn into something that can be cherished a while longer.



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Amy Trowbridge
(918) 269-8926

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Artist Work

Aureate (2017)
This acrylic and gold leaf painting depicting the national mammal, the American Bison, is part of a 2017 series of monochromatic abstract paintings featuring the charismatic animal.

Pet Portrait (2019)
I specialize in pet portraits of various styles, including acrylic on canvas (shown) and charcoal on paper.

Catalina Cactus Wall (2020)
In 200 I completed a series of 25+ cactus paintings featuring colorful and delicate cactus blooms in the midst of the notorious spines. The series culminated in a 28-foot mural in Avalon of Catalina Island.