Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a contemporary artist always evolving. Her artwork includes large scale murals, physical paintings, and digital art. She uses collage, illustration, drawing, acrylic paints, and spray paint, to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect both her passions and fury, juxtaposed through the lens of imagination. While some of her work is driven by political, social, and environmental injustice, most reflect her deeply-rooted optimism and belief in the power of the feminist spirit, unity and love.
Her figurative series deconstructs recycled magazines meant to regenerate a woman’s belief in herself rather than consumerism.

Creating art using recycled materials encourages the viewer to question sustainability, and raise awareness for our everyday choices that impact the planet. Moving into her abstract work, Smith uses color, texture, and movement to intuitively create pieces that evoke a feeling of freedom and curiosity.

Amy Smith’s work has been featured in exhibitions at The Ontario History & Art Museum, prestigious art exhibitions like the LA Art Show, and has been selected for various public art initiatives including LA County Arts celebrating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment among many others.

Her work is internationally collected, gallery represented and featured on many tv/film shows. Her focus is to connect humanity through her art by sharing messages of a hope and unity for a better future.


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Artist Work

Frida (2018)
Mixed media collage of a contemporary Frida Kahlo using recycled materials, spray paint, acrylic paint, and stencil live painted in San Diego.

Dr. Maya Angelou (beautification project 2020) (2020)
During the protests of 2020 I was part of a group of street artists supported by Art Share La to beautify the city and placing various murals on boarded up buildings This was one of those murals I wanted to share the words and inspiration of Dr Maya Angelou.

Just Breathe (beautification project 2020) (2020)
Taking a breath and giving yourself space to heal, listen, and connect was the message of this mural.

Pendry Hotel digital art feature (2023)
I use a lot of digital art in my work and these portraits were a great way to display my figurative digital work on the Pendry Hotel digital billboard this year. Definitely an honor.

Link to Pendry Hotel digital art feature